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About Ashley Sohler LM, CPM

From an early age, I was fascinated with labor, birth, and babies. This fascination became a reality with the birth of my son at home. This life-changing experience opened the door to my profession and passion. 


My education began with midwifery courses from world-renowned instructors. After the birth of my second child, I began my apprenticeship and hours of hands-on training under the instruction and expertise of Lenny Sue Tinseth.
After two years of clinical practice, I enrolled in the National Midwifery Institute. 

Upon completion of my courses, fulfilling my required apprentice hours, and passing all required exams I became a Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife.

I am currently studying to become an “Aware Practitioner” through Spinning Babies. This specialized practice is advantageous to expectant mothers because it results in easier progressive labor. My understanding of effective movement, body alignment techniques, and exercises makes more room for the baby to get into the optimal birthing position. 

For additional information on my other services, click these links:

+Doula/Monitrice Services 

+Placenta Encapsulation

Curriculum Vitae 


Aware Practitioner

Spinning Babies




Neonatal Resuscitation


Spinning Babies - 2 Day Course



California Medical Board



Certified Professional Midwife



National Midwifery Institute


Midwifery Assistant / Apprentice

Lenny Sue Tinseth, LM, CMP


Hands-On Midwife Training 

Elizabeth Davis

Natural Steaming Mud

Why is Midwifery Care Essential?

  • Because hospitals can be an environment that harbors disease 

  • Because you forfeit many of your choices “to medical expertise” who think they know more about your body than you do

  • Because you are just an impersonal number in the hospital 

  • Because public health facilities intervene with toxic interventions that are harmful to you and your baby 

  • Because of unnecessary interventions: cesarean section, forceps, vacuum extraction, episiotomy 

  • Because hospitals can be dangerous places for a myriad of reasons 


Thankfully you have the choice and the right to give your baby the most advantageous start in life by choosing to birth at home with a midwife:

  • It’s all about YOU

  • Your birthing philosophy is honored, respected and adhered to 

  • Your home is your sanctuary which is where your baby should begin his/her life

  • You are an individual with personal individual needs 24/7

  • You are valued, supported and lifted up by the passionate loving care of a midwife 

  • Your family is welcomed and included

  • Your Midwife is highly educated and experienced in women’s health includingBirth control, Puberty, Breastfeeding, Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Menopause, Nutrition, and Natural medicine

  • Your Midwife will continue to be on the cutting edge of research and modern practice with continuing education courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and literature.


. . . and these are the reasons why I am passionate about being a midwife  

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