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Our Team

At Alpine Midwifery, we have a wonderful team of birth professionals to serve you throughout your pregnancy and care. Our Contracted Midwife Assistants have completed a Midwife Assistant Program, Childbirth Education Course, and Doula Training. They are all Professional Provider CPR Certified and Neonatal Resuscitation Certified. Our support staff is well-versed in insurance verification and billing and facilitates all your paperwork for disability and family leave forms, breast pump orders, and more.

Tanya Streeter

Glory Childbirth Services

Midwife Assistant / Spiritual Midwife

I am a wife and mother of ten wonderful children and five grandchildren. I am a second-generation home-birther. My mother and aunts gave birth at home, so when I was first pregnant, the first person I contacted was a midwife. I delivered all my children in the comfort of my home with my husband and some (or all) of my children. I have had the honor and privilege of instructing and guiding others through the process of homebirth. I have been assisting Lenny Sue since 2004. My training in labor and childbirth management includes the DONA Doula program, the Midwives Assistant program, and the 'Comfort in Childbirth' Birthing class. Call to schedule my Childbirth class!

Shauna Ronzone

Registered Nurse / Midwife Assistant

I first became interested in midwifery in high school. I considered going to a midwifery college, but elected to become a registered nurse to have the option to become a Licensed Nurse Midwife. I had the privilege of apprenticing with Lenny Sue during summer of nursing school, and was forever ruined to work in the Western Medicine model of obstetrics. That is sort of a joke, but I decided that working in Labor and Delivery as a nurse would not be a good fit for me. I continued my nursing career in other specialties for the next 15 years, working as a Doula as a side job when possible. My interest in natural medicine strengthened as a nurse, and I completed a certificate in Applied Kinesiology in 2018 to continue on that path. In 2021, I reconnected with Lenny Sue and am grateful to be able to partner with Alpine Midwifery to support woman on their journey to a natural birth. I work as a Registered Nurse/Midwife Assistant and plan to offer more services in Applied Kinesiology (plus Nutrient Therapy) in the practice as time allows. I lives with my husband and son (delivered by Lenny Sue) and my dog, Toklo, in Truckee, California.

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Roma Wolff

Alpine Midwifery


Roma has been billing for Alpine Midwifery since 2019. She has been an invaluable asset in procuring better reimbursement for families with insurance. Roma is the person to call for an explanation of how your insurance works and how the process will go. The insurance process is not easy and is a task most families have never had to do. Billing your insurance company does not guarantee reimbursement for services or pay for your care. She worked as a paralegal for a local attorney for ten years. Prior to that, she was Vice President of client services for an institutional investment analysis software firm. Roma has two adult children and three grandchildren. She lives part-time on the Big Island of Hawaii and enjoys the beauty of working remotely.

Alyse Cowan

Student Midwife

The path to midwifery was planted in my heart shortly after the birth of my daughter. I clearly remember leaning over the hospital bed to my husband moments after she was born and declaring, “I could have done that at home.” I recognized the beauty, simplicity, and power that is in the birthing process. My heart is to support, encourage, and promote an environment for women that exudes peace, confidence, and trust in her transformative birthing experience. In January of 2023, I began my hands-on clinical experience under Lenny Sue Tinseth, LM, CPM, and Ashley Sohler, LM, CPM. I value the wisdom and traditions passed down from generations of midwives and believe it is essential to continuing the legacy of classical midwifery. Please email for placenta encapsulation and tincture.


Ashley Mass

Reno Tahoe Birth Services

Doula / Child Birth Educator

Ashley Maas is a Certified Doula and has instructed Bradley Childbirth classes since 2011. In 2014, she attended the Midwives Assistant program at 'The Farm' in Tennessee. In 2015, she worked as a Midwife Assistant with Alpine Midwifery and now runs a successful doula business. She lives near her hometown of Reno with Chris, her husband, and their two sons. Both her sons' births were beautiful water births with midwives. After taking the Bradley Method of Childbirth, she knew that a gentle natural childbirth was for her. She brings a wealth of support to our birthing families. For more information on her services, please visit her website. 

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