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Supporting Women through

Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum

Alpine Midwifery is proud to be offering monitrice services to women who would like or must birth in the hospital but would like the midwifery model of care along side her hospital choice. With Ashley Sohler LM, CPM you can have the best of both worlds. 



A monitrice is very similar to a doula in that her primary role is to provide labor support. Just like a doula, a monitrice offers continuous, hands-on support during labor. Unlike a doula, a monitrice is certified or licensed and has a higher scope of practice allowing her to perform clinical assessments such as monitoring the baby’s heart rate during labor, assesing mom’s vital signs, and assessing cervical dilation.



     Studies have shown that a doula/monitrice:

o   Decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%

o   Decreases the length of labor by 25%

o   Decreases the use of oxytocin by 40% 

o   Decreases the requests for an epidural by 60% 

(Cochrane Database 2003)


  • During labor, it can be very tempting to leave earlier for the hospital, and once you get to the hospital too early, you may very well find yourself confronted with interventions you were hoping to avoid, a monitrice is there to help you avoid that scenario.

  • Peace of mind knowing that a trained professional is with you and your partner during your labor before going to the hospital.

  • Emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum to fulfil YOUR ideal birth and postpartum time


Monitrice Services Include:


Free Consultation: To make sure we are a good fit I offer a free consultation/interview.  At this appointment we can get to know each other, you can ask all the questions you have about labor, birth and labor support. I will also find out more about you and how I can serve you best during your pregnancy and birth. 

Phone & Email Support : From the time of contract signing I offer unlimited phone/text and email support through your postpartum period.


3-4 Prenatal Visits – Three to four prenantal visits (approximately 1 hour each) to get to know your unique preferences for this labor and postpartum period. These appointments include:

Education on pregnancy: Glucose testing, Step B testing, the creation of a birth plan ect...

Birth: What to expect, stages of labor, pain managment, birth positions, getting your body ready for birth.

Postpartum period: breastfeeding, infant care, slef care ect....


During your active laboring phase, I will provide continuous support by:

  • Monitoring fetal wellness through heart tones and fetal movement

  • Monitoring maternal wellness through blood pressure, urine output, temperature and contractions.

  • Monitoring for normal and abnormal labor patterns.

  • Providing internal exams (when requested). I do try to keep all internal exams to a bare minimum.

  • Facilitating your birth vision, including but not limited to comfort measures, movement, positioning, aromatherapy and anything else that feels supportive to you.

  • Working with your labor and birth positions/body movement to facilitate progress in labor and birth.

  • Working with your partner to support and comfort you during labor

  • Once at the hospital working with the staff and providers at the hospital to ensure that you have enough information to make informed decisions about your care.


After the Birth of Your Baby:

I will stay with you between one and two hours assisting with breastfeeding, answering questions and providing any other support you may need.        

Postpartum follow-up visit: 

One postpartum visit (usually 1.5 hours) for breastfeeding, postpartum support and to review the birth and answer any questions you might have.

Email/text/phone support during business hours for breastfeeding/postpartum support.


Fees For Monitrice Care:

My fee for doula/monitrice support is $2,500. A deposit of $700 holds your space on my calendar and is due at time of contract signing. The balance of $1,800 is due in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy. (Updated prices for 2024) 


If need be we can make payment arrangements.


Contact Ashley Sohler for more details


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