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Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta encapsulation is used widely around the world today, it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques where the placenta is considered a powerful medicine that should be consumed to support healing in a mother after birth. 


Placenta encapsulation has been reported to do the following:

  • Increased release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding with the infant

  • Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone

  • A decrease in postpartum depression levels

  • Restoration of iron levels in the blood

  • Increase in milk production

  • A decrease in fatigue


Placenta encapsulation preparation: The Placenta is drained of blood, sliced thinly and dehydrated for 18-24 hours before being finely ground and encapsulated.   


Placenta Tincture Preparation: After draining the placenta of blood a piece of the placenta is placed in a tinted glass jar with organic vodka and placed in a cool dark place. Everyday for six weeks the jar is agitated to infuse the vodka with the placenta. Once finished the liquid is decanted through a small strainer and placed in a dropper bottle for further use. Placenta tincture is extremely stable and very potent 1 drop = 1 capsule. 


Placenta encapsulation Services: 

  • Pick up of your placenta at your birth place

  • Delivery of placenta pills within 1-3 days of birth

  • Instructions for consumption

  • Umbilical cord keepsake


Price: Placenta encapsulation $200  Placenta Tincture $50

Payments can be made with cash, check or Venmo

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